Club Activities in 2009

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Club Activities in 2009

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  • Club logo was created
  • Club website was started
  • Manufactured T-shirts, caps, and flags for club members
  • Created and made the official club flag
  • Welcomed new members
  • July 10th – The club was introduced to the public. Photo session by the castle of Birzai.
  • July 31st –August 2nd – The trip for members to Klaipeda. “Klasika” participated in the parade-exhibition of “the Sea Fiesta’s Old Vehicles Parade”.
  • August 8th – During the Fiesta of Birzai, the parade-exhibition was organized by “Klasika”.
  • September 19th – The members of “Klasika” club, with the help from friends from other Lithuanian cities, organized another parade-exhibition in Rokiskis during the city’s fiesta.
  • September 23rd – Season closing.
  • Throughout the season, ”Klasika” was well publicized. 5 articles were written about the club and its members. In addition, a few introductory posts and links were released.
  • 3 short movies were made about the activities and events of the club. The club released their first DVD.

On August 8th, the parade-exhibition of old-fashioned vehicles was planned by our club members. It was organized during the Fiesta of Birzai City, and it was the main event for us this season. This event, which is becoming a tradition, will be our main focus for the next year too. The 2009 parade-exhibition has passed and, according to the ratings, it was one of the best organized events in Lithuania this year. The success was also achieved due to good weather, aviators help, strong sponsorship, great advertising during other similar clubs events, publicity, and committed work of our members.

Everyone interested in old vehicles is welcomed at Birzai old-fashioned vehicles parade-exhibition next year! The more exact date and time of the event and other information will be posted closer to the event’s date. All information will be provided on our website in Lithuanian, English, and Russian. You can also e-mail us with any questions at

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May 21, 2014at 12:15 am

Sveiki,ieskau zmogaus, kuris pries kokius 12 metu pirko vogla is mano senelio kretingoje. Labai noreciau surasti sy zmogu ir su juo susipazinti, pirkdamas sake praves mane kai uzaugsiu 🙂 Jei jusu klube yra sis zmogus labai noreciau, kad jis su manim susisiektu