Saying goodbye to 2010…

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Saying goodbye to 2010…

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It became a tradition to publicly glance over the yearly activities of club “Klasika” at the end of each year, share the plans, concerns and routines. We can happily announce that our events are growing numerically and expanding geographically. Thus, we started the season of 2010 on May 1st in Pasvalys where we participated at the antique vehicles exhibition “Vaziuojam 2010.” We shared our experiences with a large amount of other clubs of historical technology, interacted with other like-minded people, showed our machinery and invited everyone to visit us in Birzai.

       A week later, on May 8th, our club’s cars were brought to Vabalninkas where we participated at the opening of international kids and youth theatre festival “The Happy Laughter Of Children.”

On June 27th, during St. Peter and Paul holiday, club “Klasika” organized a spectacular exhibition in Papilys. This exhibition was memorable not just because it matched perfectly with religious holiday, but because during the mass the club’s flag and antique vehicles were consecrated.

On July 16th, a traditional club photo-shoot took place at the downtown of Birzai . Later, at the club’s meeting, financial opportunities, future activities, and preparations for planned seasonal events were discussed.

During the last week of July, with our cars and motorcycles polished, we left for exhibition in Kupiskis. On our way, we also visited A. Petrauskas museum. With a few admirers of antique technology from Kupiskis, we organized an exhibition in the city center. The locals surprised us not only with large participation, but also with beauty and order of the city, welcoming and benevolent authorities. After the exhibition, the members of the club were given a tour around Kupiskis. We were amazed by how well the city was taken care of, the new pier built with the funds from European Union, and remarkably equipped beach. Unforgettable sensation was left by sailing the Viking boat and visiting Seibuciai tourism homestead.

A week later we had another, our main, event of “Klasika.” It was the exhibition of historical technology in Birzai. Even our club’s birthday is counted starting the first exhibition during the city’s festival in 2008. This was the third yearly club’s event that was organized during the city’s festivals. There were 53 historical transportation vehicles at this exhibition. Out of these, we had 11 motorcycles, 2 tractors, 5 trucks, and 35 automobiles. The first to see the variety of antique vehicles were the people of Astravas, and then the group moved towards the Independence Square of Birzai where the exhibition was supposed to happen. When the exhibition ended, participants with their historical vehicles moved towards the “Aeroklubas”, where they were treated with great food, entertainment, concert dedicated to them, and an opportunity to fly on airplanes. At the “Aeroklubas”, participants were greeted with loud marches and resonant waltzes performed by folk music group “Sumestinis”, which was directed by Audrius Milisiunas. After this performance, the participants of exhibition ate and were given diplomas and special prizes. During the later concert, the lovers of classical music enjoyed the performance of Chicago’s Lithuanian Opera soloist Genovaite Bigienyte and Klaipeda’s  Musical Theatre soloist  Mindaugas Gylys. The lovers of pop music also had a chance to listen to some old and new songs of Irma Jurgeleviciute. Even Antanas Nedzinskas, a member of the Seimas, sang at this event while the fireworks lighted the midnight sky. The morning started with delicious soup “Klasika”, discussions of results, some chatting, and saying goodbyes until the next meeting.

The next club’s event happened on August 25th in Rokiskis during the city’s 511th birthday. Just like the year before, “Klasika”, invited by the mayor of Rokiskis, did not disappoint the people of Rokiskis and city’s guests. Although the birthday celebration shined with a variety of shows, our exhibition attracted an exceptional attention. We were greeted very warmly not only by our old friends from bikers’ club “Jega”, but also by the municipality mayor A. Blazys and other officers. Such a warm and direct collaboration fosters further friendship and mutual understanding. With this great trip to Rokiskis we ended this year’s exhibitions of our antique motorcycles and cars.

With historical vehicles left in our garages, we rented a bus and headed to “Astuonrates vaziuokles” association in Nemaksciai, Raseiniai district, on October 9th. The members of “Klasika” admired the recreated first in the world self-propelled eight-wheel carriage of Psemislavas Neveravicius. The self-taught constructor created it around a hundred years ago. We were carried away by the beauty of Molavenai mounds, old technology museum, modern church, and well-kept surroundings by the foresters. With this trip, the members of “Klasika” concluded the season of 2010.

A sincere THANK YOU to our sponsors, participants at the events, and friends! A big thanks to our members and their families who so greatly participated in the activities of “Klasika” in 2010!

 See you next year!