The Flag of Birzai was fluttering in Kernave

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The Flag of Birzai was fluttering in Kernave

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During July 8-10 in Kernave, the ancient capital of Lithuania, the 13th festival of “Days of Live Archaeology” took place. As part of this festival on July 9, there was an antique vehicles exhibition, which was organized by the antique vehicles club “Klasika” together with Sirvintai classic vehicles admirers and friends from all areas of Lithuania and Latvia.

First, residents of Birzai and their friends cheered people of Sirvintos. From an early morning on July 9th, an antique vehicles exhibition, a march through the streets of Sirvintos, and, finally, a trip through Musninkai towards Kernave took place.

In Sirvintos, a crowd of people gathered to see vehicles of an early and middle 20th century. Many wanted to see Antanas Nedzinskas’s, who is a member of Lithuanian Parliament, well-known bus, which he parks next to luxurious Parliament members’ cars. In addition, together with members of ,,Klasika”, appeared Virginijus Martisauskas – “Krasto naujienos” editor-in-chief, also known from TV shows about road traffic.

In Kernave, members of “Klasika” settled in a stadium of primary school, where Birzai flag with the famous Dukes Radvila’s eagle fluttered on Aloyzas Vasylius “Volga” up until late evening. The author of this article also remembered his student years, when he participated in archeological excavations of Kernave and played soccer in the very same stadium. After some misunderstandings with local tour guides, he needed to recall the history of both Lithuania and Kernave and present it to the members of “Klasika” and their guests.

As the evening approached, the vehicles with their owners moved towards Valiukiskes village, where a camping area with tents was built and various events and contests started. Most memorable task was trying to ride a bike which was almost impossible to ride.

Shish kabobs, wieners, bread, pies, birzai beer, and limonade awaited the campers. The directors of “Klasika” Egidijus Einoris and Voldemaras Aisporas greeted their friends and said thanked the hosts and all the friends that came. Very grateful was Vincas Jasiukevicius, a mayor of Sirvintos area municipal, who actively participated in the events.

During this beautifully long evening of July, everyone was able to see the concert of Klaipeda’s musical theatre soloists Dalia Kuzmarskyte and Mindaugas Gylys. Paticipants were also charmed by youth rock group from Sirvintos “Independend” and rock group from Panevezys “Night”. After midnight fireworks, everyone heard the famous Antana’s songs, who volunteered to sing for this great occasion.

Traditionally, the very next day everyone was able to try “Klasika’s” soup, this time – fish soup. We wonder and wait – what soup will Klasika’s members and friends will be eating next year?

Antanas Seibutis