A Saturday in Kirkilai with „Klasika” and Biržai Theatre

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A Saturday in Kirkilai with „Klasika” and Biržai Theatre

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Saturday, July 23rd was not a typical day in the calendar of the antique automobile club „Klasika”. After we visited several more remote towns, it dawned on us, that next to the town of Biržai, there was this „grand” village of Kirkilai. And it’s not some average village too. It even has its own coat of arms that was officially approved by the President of Lithuania.

The members of „Klasika” club came together, drove for a little while on the streets of Biržai demonstrating antique cars in the Janonis Square, and then turned towards the Kirkilai Village. The dirt road took them past several lakes and everyone was able to enjoy the views that are characteristic to Biržai Region only. Club members walked on a wooden bridge leading to an isle in one of the lakes, admired some cat’s-tails, and picked some raspberries.

The Director of „Klasika” Club, Egidijus Einoris, took a moment to wish „happy birthday” to Antanas Valeckas. The two men talked a little and decided to make the Wednesday meetings of the club members a tradition. During these meetings, members would be able to talk and discuss problems as well as plan their next outings and trips.

On December 30, 2010 the President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, signed a decree, by which the Kirkilai Coat of Arms was confirmed.

The chairmen of „Klasika” Club, Egidijus and Voldemaras, presented V. Jareckas gifts thus expressing their appreciation for inviting them and their wish to cooperate further. By the way, Kirkilai is very close to the hearts of some „Klasika” club members. Vytautas Einoris told the group that he lived in Kirkilai for almost 20 years. His son, Director of „Klasika” Club, Egidijus, started attending school in Kirkilai.

While Kirkilai residents were admiring antique cars, other guests showed up. It was the actors of Biržai Theatre. The theatre, under the leadership of Vita Vorienė, showed a play, „Cirkas be pinigų“ (Circus Without Money). The actors were met with applause. Their play made the audience laugh and wonder and sometimes nod in approval, acknowledging that everything they saw on the stage does happen in the real life as well.

A celebration without the famous Kirkilai pancakes, Biržai beer and aromatic Kirkilai tea would not be a real celebration. As they say: I was there too, tasted the mead, snacked on some pancakes and had some tea.

Antanas Seibutis