Five years old “Klasika” – a short, but serious time!

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Five years old “Klasika” – a short, but serious time!

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The article by Antanas Seibutis printed in the newspaper, “Draugas” 06/08/2013

During this year’s Biržai town Festival, a few dates were going around in the information space – 80 years of S. Darius and S. Girėnas flight across the Atlantic, 45 years of Biržai AirClub and 5 years of antique vehicles club „Klasika”. As said club director Egidijus Einoris, organized the first of the old automobiles „drive” on 16th of August 2008, now it was decided to commemorate the club’s five-year-old birthday.
To the festival on the 3rd of August, Saturday, there were invited antique technique lovers and holders from across Lithuania and in particular the significant number arrived of neighbours, “brothers” Latvians. Signing up at the gas station at the entrance to Biržai, on the road Biržai – Pasvalys, left safely their cars, autolovers, their family members and friends, were divided into three groups and got acquainted with the refinement of Biržai beer in the Biržai Regional Museum „Sėla”, breweries „Biržai beer” and „Rinkuškiai „.

Members of club “Klasika” with their guests by Biržai castle.

After that, everybody gathered in one place near Biržai castle, where the author of this article shortly introduced to the history of Biržai town and the castle, and the role of Dukes families Radvilos and Tiškevičiai in it, and Biržai citizens.
After the funny and serious parts of meeting, the „Klasika” club members with guests presented ancient technique parade through the streets, and stayed for a couple of hours at Biržai AirClub site, where it became a part of Biržai town festival, where everyone could gather to admire the vehicles, cool-looking drivers and their ladies, strict uniformed „militiamen and militiawomen” and „germans”, listen and admire to club member’s Klementas Sakalauskas exhibition of the gramophones, record-players and music box collections.
After a couple of hours, the whole cars and motorcycles column turned towards Vinkšniniai village, where Alė’s Podėnienė farmstead began the unofficial 5th anniversary of club “Klasika” part. When everybody parked their cars on the lawn, had some snacks and sipped some beer, kvass or soft drinks, there was performed the Lithuanian anthem by the Musical Theatre soloist Mindaugas Gylys inviting to the official part of celebration and awards.
„Klasika” director Egidijus Einoris reminded the circumstances of club origin, the first show, and was delighted with large gathered participants and guests. Egidijus informed that, to honor and commemorate “Klasika” members’ 5-year-old date, gathered from around the 70 old items – 63 cars and 7 motorcycles.
A number of festival participants, guests, sponsors and friends received the awards. Especially E. Einoris identified the oldest guest – “Oldsmobile 30A”, which belongs to the Latvian Alfreds Zamockis. Club “Klasika” members not only awarded the guests, but also received many congratulations from Lithuania and Latvia.

Koncertui ruošiasi Lietuvių Operos Čikagoje solistė Genovaitė Bigenyte ir koncertmeisterė Lina Šatkutė

Chicago Lithuanian Opera soloist Genovaitė Bigenytė and concertmaster Lina Šatkutė are preparing for the concert.

After the awards began a musical evening and night – duets from popular operas and operettas were performed by Chicago Lithuanian Opera soloist Genovaitė Bigenytė and Musical Theatre soloist Mindaugas Gylys, the accompaniment by Lina Šatkutė, good old rock was played by a group „Dreams,” sung Jūrate Garnelienė, sky was lit by firework .
On Sunday, the 4th of August, “Klasika” members and their guests were greeted with „Good morning” program, with bathing, morning „Klasika” soup, goodbyes and promises to meet again and again, talking about the old vehicles and technique again until long into the night and early morning.
Antanas Seibutis photos