Eugenijus… We Drive 2014 !

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Eugenijus… We Drive 2014 !


“Eugenijus… We drive!” a festival which has already become a tradition, otherwise popularly known as the Lithuanian historical technical season opening, this year was held again in the Sinkholes park, Pavalys. For the sixth year, the festival has brought together not only the lovers of antiquities from all over Lithuania, but also the historical vehicle fans from Latvia and Estonia. For two years, this antique technique lovers event takes place without the initiator and organizer Eugenijus Malinauskas, to whose memory, there were dedicated an exhibition of photographs and beautiful and sincere words.

This time the festival program has not only traditional events of a vintage car and a biker parade and exhibition, but also we received diversity. The reconstruction of the Second World War battle was held every year and managed to get a little bored. This year it was successfully replaced by 1812 battle simulation. Large crowd of spectators applauded for not only statically performed battle, but for the first time in festival history of the “Drandalietai” racing. This was followed by another innovation – the historic car slalom, which festival organizers team triumphed.

Although the number of participants of this year antique vehicle show was not a record, but it really was worth watching and showing what you have. According to calculations of organizers, the celebration was attended by about 150 vintage vehicles. Of them – 120 cars. The organizers claimed that record of participants was complicated by the fact that a part of them had not registered in the lists and took part in the parade and exhibition.

Antique vehicles club “Klasika” participated in the festival and presented for the spectators eleven historic cars. It was the first exhibition, the first appearing in Lithuania for two club cars – the Buick Riviera, made in 1971(owner – A. Kriauza ), and Buick Riviera, 1972, (owner – G. Aleksandravičius).

We suggest to enjoy our club photographer Dainius Nagelė stopped moments of the celebration.