Vintage Motorcycle Show „Bike X Dream“

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Vintage Motorcycle Show „Bike X Dream“

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“Klasika” gunpowder – still does not get wet! And it proves Club “Klasika” participation in a retro motorcycle festival “Bike X Dream”. For some time now our club is known as one of the best and most interesting antique car clubs in Lithuania. And it is true, because by this time the club’s activities consisted only of all it has to do with motoring history and historic car event promotion. One can say that the motorcycle was undeservedly forgotten. Quite unexpectedly, a group of club members had the idea to expand our activities and interests of the club and participate in a retro motorcycle festival “Bike X Dream”. What is more, looking around our club members garages, we found such exhibits, which had not been seen before this time of the society spoiled by antique technique events. Moreover, this motorcycle festival was held here – in Biržai. So now, just to attend. It was unfortunate that this retro motorcycle event coincided with prestigious Latvian auto show “Riga Retro 2014”, therefore we had to split the forces and show only a small part of motorcycle club members’ collection. Antique Vehicles Club “Klasika” was represented perfectly by restored motorcycles 1927 “Douglas EW 350” and 1956 “Minsk M1M”, a rare model of 1961 “Pannonia TLB DeLuxe”, Russian motorcycles 1969 “Iz Jupiter 2K” and 1976 “Voschod 2″.

Thus, the audience sympathy and main event prize-winning by “Douglas EW 350” (owner D. Linkevičius) proved that participation was not in vain and that “Klasika” gunpowder – still does not get wet!

Dainius Nagelė photos