Riga Retro 2014

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Riga Retro 2014


Many ancient technology lovers look forward to the historic vehicles exhibition “Riga Retro” which is held in Latvia every year. This year, on August 16, the festival, organized for the ninth time, brought together 124 vintage-cars. Seventeen of them were produced in the interwar period.
The event, has become a tradition in Riga city festival. It was started by registration of participants in a race track of Bikernieki complex. The flags of Latvia’s four neighbouring countries flattered on the historic cars made at various times.
Lithuania was represented by five cars and their owners from the Antique Vehicles Club “Klasika” and Lithuanian Classic Car Club. There appeared impressively G. Miškinis Pacard 333 Limousine made in 1925, A. Adomaitis 1939 BMW 327, G.Žičkus 1937 Mercedes Benz 320 D,
eye-catching E. Einoris 1964 Mercury Comet Convertible and D. Linkevičius Ford Transit Special, made in 1974.
Since 1 to 3 p.m. central Riga Street – November 11th Shore (11 Novembra Krastmala) held historic car show that was one of the parts of the Riga city festival and attracted crowds. Lidosta SpilveUndaunted by rain and inclement weather, the car owners responded to audience questions, took photos and were giving interviews. At the end of the exhibition for the appointed time, accompanied by the police, a huge convoy went to the old airport in Riga, where was another historic car exhibition. This year, Spilve airport celebrated its 60th anniversary. By 1986 it was Riga’s former main airport and it still shines with the symbols, attributes and architecture praising the Soviet times. Its premises are set up for the Museum of Aviation and there was organized the ceremonial part of “Riga Retro 2014”, reception, concert and awarding of participants. The Lithuanians were honoured too. A prize for the most Elegant car was awarded to Gintautas Žičkus, a driver of convertible 1937 Mercedes Benz 320 D.

Event statistics

1937 m. Panhard & Levassor X77 Total number of cars: 124
Manufactured cars before WWII: 17
Participating countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland
Awarded oldest car: 1923 Oldsmobile 30A – owner Alfreds Zámockis (Latvia) No. 1
Awarded best restoration of the year: 1931 BMW-DA4 – owner Kaspars Kreicbergs (Latvia) No. 11
Awarded the car that drow farthest to the event: 1974 Simca 1000 GLE – owner Harry Lindh (Finland) No. 57
Awarded the most elegant cars:
1937 Mercedes Benz 320 D cabriolet – owner Gitautas Žičkus (Lithuania) No. 19
1963 Ferrari 250 GTE – owner Harry Lindh (Finland) No. 57
1951 Citroen 11 B – owner CSDD/Riga Motor Museum (Latvia) No. 24
Awarded the most beautiful American car: 1958 Buick Special – owner Arvis Ozolinš (Latvia) No. 28
Awarded Riga Retro 2014 Grand prize: 1937 Panhard & Levassor X77 – owner DSBW Logistic /Alexander Morozov (Latvia) No. 22

Ina Stankevičienė photos