Antique Vehicle Event in Estonia

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Antique Vehicle Event in Estonia

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The antique technique event was held in a resort town of Parnu (Pärnu), Estonia, on the 20th of August. The Club “Klasika” members participated there by the invitation of festival organizer Raivo Hannus.

In the exhibition, along with antique cars, there were demonstrated not only the last century engines, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, but also equipment and utensils somewhat rotating. It was really nice to see, touch and even participate in any strange mechanism work process. Of course, “Classic” members not only watched, but also something showed up. First of all, presented their cars. Well, later demonstrated something more interesting … the exhibitors and visitors just surprised Dalius Linkevičius with his 1913 Steam tractor “Case”, which was chuffing and sputtering with steam and drove whistling…

So, the main highlights of the event – beautiful weather, perfect environment, a variety of antique techniques and sincere hospitality will long remain in the memory! Sincere thanks Raivo Hannan and all the “Classic” friends from Estonia for a perfect event! Thanks Gintas and Klementas Sakalauskas for beautiful pictures, which we offer to view!