Club “Klasika” Calendar 2017

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Club “Klasika” Calendar 2017

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Older people probably remember the great wall calendars with small torn leaves,  bulging thick stacks of paper and hanging visibly displayed in the room. Each such calendar tear-off slip meant something: the sun and moon position in the sky, provided information about the most important historical anniversaries, it was an excellent adviser in all matters of real life.

With time and the development of information technologies, the wall calendar has expanded and become more as an interior decoration in the household or workplace. Typically, the modern calendar is dominated by the camera to capture artistic images, while at the same time; the calendar still performs its original intended purpose.

Is not an exception Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika” Wall Calendar 2017 which for the fifth year in a row delights all with the images of the vintage vehicles.  In this calendar, we can admire photos of artists published repeatedly by Club “Klasika”. The photographers Ilona Daubaraitė, Vilhelmantas Sereika, Dainius Nagelė, Andrius Repšys, Gediminas Aleksandravičius, Aurimas Frankas and Mantas Šimkus presented their works as usually. Also, there are exposed suspended time moments by the club “Klasika” publication debutantes: young artists Gintarė Pašukonytė, Nerijus Šmigelskas, Lukas Misiūnas and Karolis Pilipavičius. It should be noted that this calendar makers for a number of years take a nice tradition – not only promote the rare vintage cars, but also provide the vehicles vibrancy, adding to photos the photo models and car owners.
So, please watch and evaluate…