„We Drive 2017” in Pasvalys

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„We Drive 2017” in Pasvalys

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On 6 May, the festival of antique auto-motor technique “We drive 2017” was held in Pasvalys as usually. This year’s meeting was outstanding with not only the perfect weather, but also the number of participants. And there is nothing surprising, because this traditional festival is also popularly known as Lithuanian antique technical season opening. Therefore, it is equally participated by centuries-old historical exhibits, and only 30-year-old age Soviet technical masterpieces.

As every year, the festival began with registration of the antique vehicle participants. For the first time in the history of event, it was hosted and organized by the antique technique club “Retrobroliai” (“Retrobrothers”) which was established in Pasvalys only last year. According to the meeting organizers, this festival came to a record number of participants – more than 200 of vintage technology exhibits. Unfortunately, the exact number of them was not revealed, because the owners lacked of registration cards and numbers, some part of the historical technique was not accounted for.

So, the event was surprising not only by the number of participants, but also by a variety of techniques, from rust „clad” tractor and ordinary Soviet militia Lada to sleek Nash Sport Touring. The car rolled off the factory conveyor even in 1926 and was recognized as the oldest exhibit of the event, and its owner Gintautas Miškinis was awarded with a beautiful cup.

After the two hour-long registration, participants drove a pair of traditional circles along Pasvalys streets and lined for exhibition in the Sinkholes Park. Maybe because this event does not do the strict selection of participants and it is open to virtually anyone who has a much older car, the exhibition was dominated by the twentieth century produced technique.

The Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika” presented to the audience 14 exceptional vintage vehicles: a truck, motorcycle and twelve cars. Club members not only demonstrated their technique to the public, but also invited to come to the antique car festival “Timeless Classic 2017” which this year will take place on August 5 in Biržai.

At the end for the appointed time of exhibition, the representatives of antique vehicle clubs were invited to honor the participants and sponsors in the guest house „Šilas” (“Pinewood”). Here, at the banquet table, organizers awarded the best, the most beautiful and oldest antique auto-motor technical meeting participants. Not only individual participants, but also the Club “Klasika” attained respect. According to statistics experts, the cars of Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika” participated in all so far held “We drive” events. Therefore, the festival organizers’ award “For active participation and promotion of the event” to “Klasika” was natural and fair evaluation. By the way, club members’ technique was rewarded twice: the best motorcycle of the event “We drive 2017” was elected Dalius Linkevičius’ EMW R35/3, made in 1953. And the most beautiful car of the event award was won by Vytautas Gineika’s Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Convertible, made in 1975.

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