Retro Jurmala 2017

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Retro Jurmala 2017

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In Latvia, like in Lithuania, two interesting events of antique technique take place. If our antique vehicle meeting “Timeless Classic” matches the solidity of “Riga Retro”, then the “Retro Jurmala” event in its free spirit – with Pasvalys “We drive”. Maybe we should not compare Pasvalys with Jurmala, but both events are definitely somehow similar. Maybe it’s playful on the Soviet theme; maybe both of them look forgiving at the vehicle age and the rules of participation. Or maybe because of the fact that it is always interesting to go there and participate in…

So, this year, the “Retro Jurmala 2017”, which took place on August 26-27, was already the eighteenth. In fact, not one owner of antique vehicles had doubts about this event. Since the illness of the long-time and the main organizer of “Retro Jurmala”, Marius Mežapuke, there was uncertainty whether the event will take place. But thanks to the strong team of organizers and Marius’ health improvement, these doubts were denied and the event was attended by a large number of participants. From Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Russia and Belarus, has arrived or were brought even 170 ancient vehicles.

As always, the registration of participants took place on the outskirts of western Jurmala – Kemeri place. Already everyone is fully aware of the annually recurring program of the event and has not had any changes this year. After the registration, there is a pause for presentations of the participants by the Kauguri cultural center. Later – right by the sea. After all, where more we can drive on the seashore and just park a car for a few hours just on the beach without being fined!

After several hours and having fun and enjoying the time by the sea, the participants of the event organized an exhibition of antique vehicles in the center of Jurmala, along Joma Street. The abundance of antique technique and excellent weather were delighted both by the residents of the resort and the city’s guests.

At the end of the exhibition, historic cars and motorcycles got into Nemo camping site. Here, when the retro technicians found a place and stayed for the night, a solemn part of the festival took place. As a rule, at the end of the congratulations and official speeches, simple and sincere communication among the various countries begins, which is extended at each “Retro Jurmala” event. So this year, chatting, jokes and various stories were coming until the morning. Or maybe even until the next meeting in Jurmala next year…

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