Klasika Wall Calendar 2018

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Klasika Wall Calendar 2018

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The purpose of the Antique Vehicle club “Classic” is not only the preservation of historical vehicles, but also the demonstration and promotion of the antique technique. One of the ways, in which the club “Classic” famous from its establishment, has been the press publication release that promotes interest in historic cars and motorcycles.

This year, the sixth annual club calendar „Klasika” was released in the middle of the summer, surprising not only with its early appearance, but also by a qualitatively reinforced and expanded publishing team. To the previously published works of photographers Ilona Daubaraitė, Dainius Nagelė, Vilhelmantas Sereika contributed the unique view to the historical technique and the beauty of the people around them by Sigita Jakubonienė and Silvija Pranauskė from Panevėžys… With the help of antique car owners and photo models, the calendar has not only lost the informational purpose, but also retained and acquired a distinctive artistic expression. This publication is not only the continuation of the club’s “Classic” traditions, but also the search for new photographic solutions and the reflection of history and of today as the time flows…

“Klasika” wall calendar 2018 can be purchased online: http://www.patogupirkti.lt/knyga/2018-m-senoviniu-masinu-kalendorius.html
and in all bookstores “Vaga”.

Wall Calendar 2018 “Klasika”. Format – A3, number of sheets – 14 (cover page+ 12 months + last). On the cover – a photo of the Cadillac car, made 1942, and the rest – images of various antique cars, along with the 12-month tables. Date cursor is a slider box. Packing is a polyethylene bag.