Meeting and party of Club “Klasika” members

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Meeting and party of Club “Klasika” members

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Spring is just about to come: the first spring flowers have blossomed out, the greenness of the trees and meadows is becoming more and more vivid every day. The weather does not always appeal to the heat-hungry, and the last Saturday in April was quite cloudy and windy. But for the people who are determined and have a goal, the weather is not an obstacle. On April 28th, the Club “Klasika” members with families and friends gathered at Sodeliškis Manor, where the opening of the new club season took place.

The Club “Klasika” members started the 2018 season with a meeting where the most relevant questions were discussed. The reports of the club director, financier and managers were heard out, questions, additions and suggestions were given, how to plan and organize the club’s activities better. It was a pleasure that three new “Klasika” members brought the fresh view to the club meeting discussions. Andrius and Alfredas Zigmantas and Vytautas Norkevičius have already attended “Klasika” events for several years and they were welcomed in the ranks of the club with respect and trust.
The main issue under discussion, as every year, was preparation for the international meeting of Antique Cars “Timeless Classic”, which this year coincides with the tenth anniversary of the club’s activities. The venue and duration of the event were selected, the issues of financing and cost of the event were discussed, participants of the program were suggested, awards and participants’ catering were offered.
Then it was followed by discussing of the Club’s 10th anniversary publications: presentation of the “Klasika” jubilee publication, preparation for the club’s six-year calendars photo exhibition, introduction to the production of USB flash with all ten years video-films and preparations for new edition of the “Klasika” calendar 2019.
At the end of the discussion and finding a consensus, the club “Klasika” members finished the meeting with the traditional group photograph.

While the members of the club were meeting, an excursion was organized for their relatives to the nearby livestock holding of Kristina and Jūris Milišiūnai. The landlady Kristina met the guests and firstly showed brown sheep with lambs in a separate enclosure. This scenery was most enjoyed by little tourists. When Kristina brought bread slices and allowed the breeding of sheep, the joy of children was without limits. When the bread was over, the children rolled grass in the meadow and gave the sheep, and they were happy to feed. The friendship of kids and sheep lasted almost all the time on the farm. This breed of sheep on the farm is not the only one, because without them there are three more breeds. And their total number varies from 1000 to 1500.

For her guests, sheep farm owner Kristina showed the yurts, where sheep wool was used for construction. One yurt is equipped as a conference hall and a farm and its products presentation hall. And the other is a sauna where even sheep wool is covered with beds. In the first yurt, there was a tasting of sheep milk products. At first, the guests were very careful about the milk and cheese, but when they felt that sheep’s milk and the cheese made from it were really delicious, they did not need to call. Everyone was tasting and wondering which cheese is more delicious: natural or with herbs. In addition to product tasting, an interesting film about sheep’s cutting art has also been featured.

Since the sheep farm is constantly undergoing change, it’s worth getting here more than once, because every time something new can be seen.
So, after returning from the excursion and at the same time after the club members’ meeting, everyone sat down at the dinner table. There was announced opening of the “Klasika” season 2018 and all distinguished old technique lovers were awarded. Conversations, laughter and fun continued until late. After fun and meaningful time spending, the “Klasika” members did not say goodbye for a long time – only until the next weekend’s meeting “We Drive” in Pasvalys!

Janina Krūminienė
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