Antique and Classic Car Show “Timeless Classic 2020”

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Antique and Classic Car Show “Timeless Classic 2020”

The Antique and Classic Car Show “Timeless Classic 2020” will take place on July 31st – August 1-2nd in Biržai, Lithuania.
Participant registration (advance pre-registration confirmation) and a festive party will take place in Sodeliskiu Manor Estate (Sodeliskiu village, Birzai district, 41420 Lithuania). GPS coordinates: 56.291146, 24.638175

Participant registration will start June 20th and continue through July 13th. Please register here:  completing the entry form and attaching the vehicle’s overall picture. In case of doubt on the originality of the vehicle, we could ask for more pictures.
The photo of your vehicle will be placed in the catalog of the event “Timeless Classic 2020”.

Vehicle requirements: the car or motorcycle has to be an original and suitable to use, it has to be 45 years old or older (made before 1976).

Registration fee – the vehicle driver and passengers – 50 EUR each. Children and teenagers between 10 and 18 years – 30 EUR. Children under 10 years – free of charge.
The registration fee includes event attributes, souvenirs, gifts, catalog of the event, tour, Saturday dinner, Saturday supper (steaks, Biržai beer, non-alcoholic drinks), concerts, fireworks, tents overnight and Sunday breakfast.

Last year’s festival movie “Timeless Classic 2018” can be seen here

For more information and/or suggestions as well as to place an ad or pledge any kind of support, please write to: or call +370 683 11054

Can be changed and updated

18.00 – 20.00 Participants arrival to Sodeliškių Manor Estate (Sodeliškių k., Biržų r. 41420 Lithuania). GPS coordinates: 56.291146, 24.638175
20.00 Camp opening
20.30 Homemade beer tasting party

 11.00 – 12.00 Registration of participants (Advance registration confirmation) Sodeliskiu Manor Estate (Sodeliskiu village, Birzai district, 41420 Lithuania). GPS coordinates: 56.291146, 24.638175
12.00 Dinner
12.30 Lecture about antique vehicle restoration by restorer and collector Arvydas Šapoka (Lithuania)
12.30 – 13.30 Tour in an authentic early 20th century farmstead
13.30 – 14.30 Tour in D. Linkevicius Antique Vehicle Museum
14.30 Preparation for the parade
15.00 Vehicles line up for formation in preparation for parade
15.30 Antique vehicle parade: Sodeliškiai – Biržai (14 km
16.00 – 18.00 Antique and classic car exibition at Biržai Aeroclub (Veterinarijos str. 2)
16.30 Flights with airplanes. The price of the flight is 20 euros per person
18.00 End of the exhibition
18.30 Participants return to Sodeliškių Manor
19.00 Supper (snacks, steaks, Biržai beer, non-alcoholic drinks)
20.30 Ceremonial part of the celebration: awards, presentation of organizers and sponsors
21.00 Elegance Contest
22.00 Lottery
23.00 Rock music concert by “Bon Jeans”
24.00 Fireworks, concert continuation
00.30 Participants are driven by buses to their accommodation places (those who booked hotels and motels) – 5 euros per person
01.00 Festive evening end

10.00 Good morning. Arrival of participants by buses from hotels and motels to Sodeliškių Manor.
10.30 Breakfast. Morning soup by “Klasika”
12.00 Farewell