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“We drive 2016” in Pasvalys

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As every year, the first club “Klasika” car spring drive began with a trip to Pasvalys. It is like a sign, that after the long winter months, we are driving again. To tell the truth, this festival is called so. It has already been the eighth year inviting to Pasvalys antique vehicle lovers from all over Lithuania. This event brings together all those who can only drive or ride. And, don’t be surprised, if you will see not only the historic cars and motorcycles, but a bit newer technique. They are, after all, willing and able to go…
Thus, according to the organizers, this year, even 150 different vehicles gathered to Pasvalys. It’s a pity, that the rain and the bad weather let to admire nor plentiful variety of technique neither the various attractions waiting for spectators in the Sinkholes Park. And there were many: all kinds of moving machinery parade along the streets of the city, exhibition,

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