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VAZ 2103

Cars of the Club: 1973 Lada 1500

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Antique Vehicles Club “Klasika” launches the presentation of club member’s cars. We suggest to recall for seniors and to discover for the younger fans of our club Vaz 2103, the masterpiece of the Soviet automobile industry, produced in 1973. This car is a united Italian Fiat and the Volga car factory (Volzhskii Avtomobilnij Zavod) production, for the prototype of which served Fiat 124 model.
Vaz 2103 had been produced since 1972 to 1984 and during this period it was made 1,304,899 units totally. For a long time this model had been seen as the best, most convenient and most reliable Soviet car. Beyond the bounds of the Soviet Union, this car was known as the Lada 1500.

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