Eight wheel carriage association in Nemakščiai

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Eight wheel carriage association in Nemakščiai

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On Saturday, October 9th, the members of antique vehicles klub „Klasika” were by invited a couple of Klasika friends to visit Nemakščiai town near Raseiniai. Klasika members were left amazed. Truth be said, it is very hard to understand why people dream about such places as Turkey or Greece, while they don’t even realize what beauty is in plain sight just around the corner.

Now, we have a good friend in Nemakščiai – Leonas Tamulevičius, who is lightly crazed for antique vehicles, the history, the culture and Lithuania. He showed us the beautiful scenery including the beautiful Molavenai hills, which captures your breath because of it’s size, human work and a rich history. Leonas Tamulevičius also showed a recently built modern Nemakščiai church.

The same Leonas showed his own „mini museum” and told us about his own created „Eight wheel carriage association”, noblemen Psemislovas Neveravičius unique life and active history, showed his own collected exhibits – antique engines, and old blacksmith tools. He also took his legendary „Volga” out of his garage and treated us to Raseiniai made confections, kugelis and more…

The generous host fried pancakes, showed Raseiniai forest preserver paths where the beauty could be appreciated. All were very thankful for the beautiful weather, generous hosts for the unexpected exhibits, the trip’s coordinator Voldemaras for the cheerful feelings and new plans. We were also very amazed by the famous Lyduvenai railroad bridge.

by Antanas Seibutis