Statistics of the “Timeless Classic 2022”

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1931 Bentley Speed 8

Statistics of the “Timeless Classic 2022”

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The traditional vintage cars festival “Timeless Classic” has been held in Biržai. So, on the 6th of August, on Saturday, the antique and classic cars gathered in the Sodeliškiai Manor. The event brought together 100 antique vehicles. Of these: 34 American cars, 30 Soviet vehicles and 36 vehicles manufactured in European countries. Participants of the event came from four countries: Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  At the event, a record number of enginery produced during the interwar period was repeated – the festival participants registered as many as 21.

Senovinių automobilių ir jų savininkų pristatymas ant podiumo (rampos)

Presentation of vintage cars on the ramp

As always, seven nominations were announced: the oldest car, the best vintage car made before 1946, the best classic car from 1946, the most beautiful car, the best Soviet car, the best restoration and the Grand Prix.

The oldest car award remained in Lithuania. The trophy went to the old „Morris Cowley” made in 1926 and its owner Mindaugas Jokubauskas.

Seniausio automobilio apdovanojimą laimėjo 1926 metais pagamintas Morris Cowley

The oldest car award 1926 Morris Cowley

The award for the nomination of the best vintage car manufactured before 1946 went to the collector Albinas Monstavicius and the unique „Bentley Speed 8” made for the “Le Mans” series race in 1931.

Bentley Speed 8, 1931 m.

1931 Bentley Speed 8

Marks Mejerovs and his “Jaguar XK 120” won the nomination for the best classic car manufactured after 1946. The award for the exhibit of British luxury produced in 1954 went to Latvia.

Jaguar XK 120, 1954 m.

1954 Jaguar XK 120

Latvian collector Janis Oskerko, the permanent winner of the „Timeless Classic” prize, was not left without a trophy at the 2022 festival. His „Horch 830 BL” manufactured in 1937 was recognized by the commission as the most beautiful car of the exhibition.

Horch 830 BL, 1937 m.

1937 Horch 830 BL

The rare „Volga” station wagon „GAZ 22” produced in 1964 was recognized as the best Soviet car. The prize also went to Latvia, to the collection of Edgars Cielavs.

GAZ 22 Volga, 1964 m. Savininkas Edgars Cielavs (Latvija)

1964 GAZ 22 Volga

The nomination for the best restoration went to the Lithuanian Aleksandras Obymacha, who will probably soon be awarded some kind of „restoration guru” certificate. At the „Timeless Classic 2022” festival, Aleksandras presented the interwar “Horch 780”, produced in 1934.

Horch 780, 1934 m. Savininkas – Aleksandras Obymacha

1934 Horch 780

As many as three cars applied for the main prize – the Grand Prix at the vintage car festival „Timeless Classic 2022”: 1931 Bentley Speed 8, 1933 Horch 780 and 1937 Horch 830 BL. After evaluating the equivalence of all three participants, the international team of judges decided not to award the Grand Prix of the „Timeless Classic 2022” Festival.