About The Antique Automobile Club „Klasika”


 The Antique Automobile Club Klasika is a non-profit organization comprised of people who are interested in antique and classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. The club was founded on August 16th, 2008 in Birzai, Lithuania

On August 16th, 2008, during the Birzai City Festival, the very first antique and classic car parade in the history of Birzai was organized. The event attracted a huge success not only among the participants of the festival, but also among the antique vehicles collectors and like-minded lovers. This exhibition encouraged to establish the club and is considered as a birthday of Antique Automobile Club Klasika. Since then, the club’s activities have become an integral part of Biržai region and town festivals, and the annual antique car exhibitions held by Klasika – a beautiful tradition. We are happy that the club antique vehicle events are some of the most interesting in Lithuania, and even more enjoyable, the club is well known in the neighbouring countries. Antique Automobile Club Klasika is especially proud of its international antique and classic car event Timeless Classic, which is traditionally held each year on the first weekend in August, in Biržai.

Goals of Club Klasika

To gather everyone, who is passionate about old cars, together, and preserve these old mechanics. To show and introduce classic cars to the society, combine enlightening and charitable activities. Organize and run public events. Attend events of the other classic technology clubs. Organize the free time of our members. Make the Birzai area famous in Lithuania and abroad.

Membership at Club Klasika

To become a member at a Antique Automobile Club Klasika, a person needs to be at least 18 years old and own a vehicle made 40 years ago (a car, truck, tractor, carriage, motocycle, bike, etc.). Whether a candidate meets the requirements to become a member is decided by the President of the club with the advice of club members. The value of the vehicle and whether or not the technology fits into the concept “old-fashioned” are being checked. One year period is required for the candidate before he can become a member. Throughout that year, the candidate has to attend at least one club event.

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