1929 Oldsmobile Model F-29 Landau Sedan-DeLux

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1929 Oldsmobile Model F-29 Landau Sedan-DeLux

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Oldsmobile was a brand of American automobile produced for most of its existence by General Motors. It was founded by Ransom E. Olds in 1897. In its 107-year history, it produced 35.2 million cars, including at least 14 million built at its Lansing, Michigan factory. When it was phased out in 2004, Oldsmobile was the oldest surviving American automobile marque, and one of the oldest in the world, after Daimler, Peugeot and Tatra. The closing of the Oldsmobile division presaged a larger consolidation of GM brands and discontinuation of models during the company’s 2009 bankruptcy reorganization. 

Oldsmobiles were first manufactured by the Olds Motor Works in Lansing, Michigan. In 1901, the company produced 425 cars, making it the first high-volume gasoline-powered automobile manufacturer. Oldsmobile became the top selling car company in the United States for a few years. Ransom Olds left the company in financial difficulties and formed the REO Motor Car Company. The last Curved Dash Oldsmobile was made in 1907. Ransom E. Olds died on August 26, 1950 in Lansing, Michigan. In 1975, the Company, then known under the name Diamond Rio, was closed. Even though after it was left by Ransom E. Olds, the Company endured some hard times, the cars were still known for their quality, reliability and low price. General Motors purchased the company in 1908, and later it became a world-wide known automobile manufacturer.

This Oldsmobile Model F-29 Landau Sedan-DeLux was made in 1929, at the time when the Company was under the management of General Motors. The year 1929 also put GM in the pilot seat. Fokker Aircraft Company was bought out, which paved the way for General Motors Aviation Company.


However, let us go back to the automobiles. In 1929 Oldsmobile released six body styles and trim levels (Special and DeLuxe), namely: a two-door Sedan, a Landau, a four-door Sedan, a Sport Coupe, a Phaeton, a Roadster, and a Coupe. Special models included, as additional equipment, two extra tires and tubes on rims mounted and locked in front fender wells; chromium-plated bumpers front and rear, and folding trunk platform. DeLuxe models included, as additional equipment, six wire wheels, with two extra tires and tubes mounted and locked with wheels in front fender wells; chromium-plated bumpers front and rear; chromium-plated headlamps, and folding trunk platform. Our winner, the Oldsmobile owned by Dalius Linkevičius, is a Delux model, and at the time cost $1,105. In comparison, an average house at the time cost $8,000, and an average monthly salary was approximately $1,100.

1929 Oldsmobile, Model F-29, Landau Sedan – DeLux:
Body maker – ,,Fisher”
No. doors – 4
Passengers – 5
Engine – 6 cylinders Own L-head, 3.237 l., 197.5 cu.in.
Ignition system – distributor and coil
Cooling system – water pump
Brakes – internal expanding og 4 wheels mechanical
Radiator – cellular
Tire size – 28×5
Transmission – mechanical, 4 speeds
No. produced – 1.774
Owner – Dalius Linkevičius

 By the way, you can read more about Dalius and his Museum of Agricultural Machinery here: …. You can also enjoy a video, an Antique Car Show Biržai 2012.

Photos by Eglė Linkevičiūtė, Dainiaus Nagelė and Ilona Daubaraitė