A Partnership and Sponsoring Agreement Signed

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A Partnership and Sponsoring Agreement Signed

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It’s been four years since the antique car club “Klasika” has existed, all thanks to its good-willed sponsors. The club’s events and actions are planned and evaluated keeping the funders’ support and generosity in mind. It’s nice that the sponsors’ help is expanding as well as their quantity. This means that the antique car shows in Lithuania will be even grander and more beautiful, that more than one historically valuable object will have a new life. It’s wonderful that the club “Klasika” is recognized beyond Lithuania. It was pleasant to receive an unexpected and heartfelt partnership offer that came all the way from across the Atlantic.

,,Grand Dukes”

On October 22nd, the “Grand Dukes Restaurant and Deli” president Andrius Bučas and the Antique Car Club “Klasika” director Egidijus Einoris heartily shook hands, having made the deal of partnership and the sponsoring of “Klasika”.

The ,,Grand Dukes Restaurant and Deli” is well known in Chicago and its surroundings. It is a restaurant and food market founded by Lithuanian immigrants in 2006. This Lithuanian company is better known as “Dukes Eatery”, and rarely does a Lithuanian-American concert, gathering or sports event occur without the “Grand Dukes” contribution or being a part of it in some way. The “Grand Dukes” supports Chicago’s Lithuanian basketball league, Chicago’s Lithuanian soccer league, and Chicago’s marathon. This popular restaurant in Chicago’s suburb, Summit, is the first to support companies in Lithuania, too.