The meeting of representatives of Lithuanian antique vehicle clubs

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The meeting of representatives of Lithuanian antique vehicle clubs

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This year, on the 16th of March, in Kaunas, there was the conference of managers of Lithuanian historical auto-motor technical. The participants discussed the concerns of the fans of historical vehicles, planned 2013 events calendar, introduced the historical technical laws realization order and perspectives.
The meeting was launched by the “Retromobile” president R. Kardelis, introducing guests from Ukraine. Lvov retro car club „ZAZ-Kozak” representatives invited everyone to the historical vehicles festival “Leopolis Grand Prix” in Lvov, on June 20-23. It is an international event sacred to commemorate the GP series (F-1’s predecessor) race held in this Western Ukrainian city, 1931-1933.
Later, the antique vehicles enthusiast Eugenijus Malinauskas made a speech, inviting not only to participate in the traditional antique technical season opening in Pasvalys, but also urging all Lithuanian clubs of antique vehicles to contribute to the organization of the event. The proposal was approved by forming of the event organizing committee, to which every club delegates one representative.
Further, antique vehicles clubs events calendar 2013 was being compiled, presenting and planning club events, it was aimed to avoid overlap and duplication. And it was a great success!
Speaking about the historical technical laws enforcement and perspectives, R.Kardelis showed the state vehicle registration plates for historical automobiles, talked about the difficulties encountered to the statutory recognition.
The meeting resulted in a friendly, pleasant communication, experience and knowledge sharing, and farewell to a meeting in the next event – the historical technical season opening, which will be held in Pasvalys, April 26-28.

Lithuanian historical auto-motor technical clubs calendar of events in 2013

April 26-28th. – Lithuania Oldtimer the 2013 season opening (Pasvalys)
May 24-26th. – Beetles season opening (Anykščiai – Kavarskas, “Vabalai”)
June 8th. – Motor event, a trip to Vilkaviškis district mounds („Seni vežimai”)
June 15-16th. – DSTK 10 years (Alytus, “Dzūkijos” STK)
June 15-16th. – Retromobile 4×4 (Gaižiūnai Military Area, “Retromobile”)
July 6-7th. – March to Kernavė (Kernavė, „Ekipažas“)
July 6-7th. – Burbiškės Manor (LSAM, the invited event)
August 3rd. – Biržai town festival, „Klasika“ – 5 years birthday (Biržai, „Klasika“)
August 10-11th. – Old Truck Show (Kėdainiai, “Retromobile”)
September 1st. – Motorcycles show – The Northern Lithuania (“Ekipažas”)
September 27-29th. – Season Closure (“Vabalai”)

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