The second trip of Klasika: Kubilkiemis, Sugar Festival and Paežeriai Manor

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The second trip of Klasika: Kubilkiemis, Sugar Festival and Paežeriai Manor

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On beautiful Saturday morning of 30 May, the members of the Antique Automobile Club Klasika started their second trip in their vintage cars. This time they chose Marijampolė and Vilkaviškis districts. In Kaunas, when several friends from the Antique Cars Association Old Buckets joined the Klasika’s company, a column of eleven vintage cars hit the road. After reaching Marijampolė, the antique cars first visited the so-called „Kubilkiemis” museum. Mr Kęstutis Kubilius, the owner of this museum, welcomed the travellers at the door of the spacious building of the museum and showed its rich and interesting collections of vintage cars, motorcycles, trucks and other antiques. An unexpected surprise was presented to the museum by the Old Carriage Club from Vilkaviškis. Several members of this club not only came to an unplanned meeting with the Klasika Club members, but also sang their club anthem at the accordion of the club president Mr Petras Žilionis!

The next destination of the trip was the Sugar Festival, where the Klasika Club had been previously invited by the Municipality and Tourism Centre of Marijampolė. Marijampolė has long been famous as a „sugar country”. After all, the oldest sugar factory in Lithuania is located here, which is inseparable from the city’s history and cultural traditions. In order to preserve these values and promote their continuity, the Sugar Festival has been organized in Marijampolė for several years in a row. Both the residents of the city and the guests could admire the exhibition of vintage cars organised by Klasika Club, make pictures of themselves near antique cars and communicate with their owners.

After lunch, the members of Klasika Club said goodbye to Marijampolė, which had welcomed them so warmly, and turned towards the last destination of the trip – Paežeriai Manor. The manor, which is very popular and loved by tourists, is named as the pearl of Suvalkija. After entering the manor and parking their cars, the travellers not only admired the beautiful architectural monument, walked around the park, hugged the old oak of the manor and saw the manor arts, but also climbed its high tower. Having taken memorable pictures and thanked the manager of Paežeriai Manor for the hospitable reception, the travellers headed home in the evening.

Photo by Ilona Daubaraitė