The third trip of Klasika: Jurbarkas – Smalininkai – Bitėnai – Pagėgiai

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The third trip of Klasika: Jurbarkas – Smalininkai – Bitėnai – Pagėgiai

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On 13 June (Saturday), the members of the Klasika Club together with their colleagues went on a two-day trip to Panemunė. Early in the morning, after the caravan of classic cars moved from Kaunas, the first destination of the trip – Jurbarkas Manor Park – appeared soon. An exhibition of vintage cars was planned here by prior agreement with the Jurbarkas Tourist Centre. After displaying the antique vehicles for the residents and guests, the Klasika Club members visited the museum of the sculptor Vincas Grybas.

At the end of the exhibition of antique vehicles in Jurbarkas Manor Park, the cars turned towards Smalininkai, to the Museum of Ancient Equipment. After visiting the museum, taking photos and saying goodbye to the museum’s founder Mr Justinas Stonys, the travellers headed towards the homestead Old Rambynas. And there they had not only a hearty dinner but also a party.

Sunday morning began with a square breakfast and a visit of the legendary Rambynas Hill. After admiring the picturesque panorama, the members of the Klasika Club also visited the Martynas Jankus Museum in Bitėnai near Rambynas Hill. The Open-Air Picture Gallery of Minor Lithuania is located right next to the M. Jankus Museum. In the gallery founded in 2003, travellers saw about half a hundred large-scale paintings and sculptures created by Lithuanian and foreign artists.

The next and final destination of the trip was Pagėgiai. Having arrived in the central square of the city, the members of Klasika Club and their colleagues parked their cars for the exhibition. As the exhibition of antique cars was coordinated in advance with the staff of Pagėgiai Tourism and Information Centre, there were many spectators and their interest in antique vehicles was huge. A little later, after saying goodbye to the staff of the Tourism Center and the municipality, who welcomed them so warmly, the participants of the trip enjoyed the fun and content time and great company! And then the road led towards home…

Photo by Lorita Skridulienė