2021 Klasika Club calendar photo contest

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2021 Klasika Club calendar photo contest

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On 1 July, the 2021 Klasika Club calendar photo contest, which had lasted for more than a month, ended. Every year, the Antique Automobile Club Klasika, in order to delight the antique lovers, releases a limited edition of wall calendars with images of historic motorcycles, cars, trucks and tractors. The following seven photographers took part in the 2021 Klasika calendar photo competition and submitted their photos: Eugenijus Ruseckis, Dominykas Liberis, Vigintas Petrušonis, Tomas Stepulis, Justinas Krisiūnas, Emanuelis Norbutas and Kęstutis Banevičius.

Copyright agreements were signed with the photographers of the four best photos and their works were published in the 2021 calendar of Klasika. In addition, these winners of the competition were awarded valuable gifts by the club Klasika and invitations to the antique car show Timeless Classics 2020. Congratulations to the winners of the competition: Dominikas Liberis, Tomas Stepulis and Kęstutis

The contest winners:

Dominykas Liberis, 1973 m. Volkswagen Karmann Ghia


Dominykas Liberis, 1960 m. Volkswagen T1


Tomas Stepulis, 1970 m. Cadillac DeVille Fleetwood


Kęstutis Banevičius, 1959 m. Peugeot 203 C