Educational program in Noriūnai Jonas Černius main school

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Educational program in Noriūnai Jonas Černius main school

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On 25th of February, in Noriūnai Jonas Černius main school (Kupiškis district), there was organised a meeting with the members of Antique Vehicles Club “Klasika”. Club founder Egidijus Einoris introduced the members of the club, told the club’s foundation history, presented the activities and showed a documentary movie about last year’s antique vehicles exhibition in Biržai. About 100 members of the school community participated in the meeting with the members of the club. Children were so engaged in listening to the story and watching a movie that you could hear the flies fly. Teachers were fascinated by the students getting so interested. They usually does not focus attention on something for more than 15 minutes, because they want to be very proactive … The participating students ranged in age from 8 to 18 years.

After the film watching, the collection of old gramophones, record-players and music boxes was introduced to the students’ attention. Club “Klasika” member Klementas Sakalauskas demonstrated the exhibits of his own museum – the audio playback devices from the past. K. Sakalauskas presented his museum which is founded in Piniava, Panevežys district. Mr.Klementas played the brought instruments, demonstrated the antique “CDs” – plates and vynil records, told their story and invited to visit the museum. Businessman Gediminas Aleksandravičius arrived to the meeting by an antique car – Studebaker Commander, made ​​in 1955. Students looked around it and asked a businessman a lot of questions related to antique vehicles. It can be said that thanks to the club “Klasika”, the school community deepened historical and ethnographic knowledge. School community was fascinated by the activities of the club and are looking forward to new meetings. We recommend other schools to communicate and co-operate with the Antique Vehicles Club “Klasika”. Thank you!

Teacher Daiva Dūdienė