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Antique & Classic Car Festival „Timeless Classic 2021“

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Despite the fact that vehicles are produced of metal, plastic, glass, rubber and similar materials that are traditionally considered extremely time-resistant, there are no „immortal“ cars. Corrosion can completely eat up even a millimeter of steel a year, so seeing a car that may be called an old man or even an ancient one is always a small surprise.

At the antique car exhibition „Timeless Classic 2021″ held in Biržai last weekend, one could see more than a hundred of such “WOW” vehicles. The improvised exposition of historical vehicles set up on the around Biržai Aeroclub had at least two classic trumps knocking down museums.

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Klubo Klasika automobiliai

Overview of Klasika Club Activities in 2020

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The year 2020, which started as usual, didn’t seem to promise anything bad for fans of antique vehicles. Some of them started the New Year in their garages continuing the projects of antique cars, others by browsing the Internet, looking for new or fresh things for their collections. The pandemic and its consequences came up a little later, forcing not only changes in the planned activities but changes in the whole world.

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Automobilis Leningrad

Leningrad – Custom Sports Car Manufactured in the Soviet Union in 1953

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On August 1st 2020, the Antique Car Show Timeless Classic 2020 in Biržai was marked by the first appearance of the legendary car Leningrad, which won the Grand Prix of the event and the award for the most beautiful car to its owner Alexander Obymacha. On  August 22nd, this car and its owner triumphed at the antique car event Riga Retro 2020 winning the title of the most beautiful car.

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Baltijos kelias 30

„Baltic Way 30“ – the Second Day of a Vintage Car Tour

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In the beautiful morning of the second day, all the participants of the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way moved from the Riga Motor Museum towards the centre of Riga as a large convoy exactly at the scheduled time. The Horch 853, that had become the Latvian flag bearer, began its journey on the march, and was joined by several unique World War II cars. The participants were joined not only by them, but also by a dozen of Soviet and Western cars and motorcycles.

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Timeless Classic 2016 (video)

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Please watch this short video to learn more about antique and classic car show Timeless Classic 2016 in Birzai, Lithuania

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International Antique Car Show “Timeless Classic 2016”

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On the 6th of August, the International Antique Car Show “Timeless Classic 2016” was held in Biržai. For the ninth time already, nine years in succession, these Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika” celebrations have to be described as – the event took place and succeeded! It is unfortunate that the drizzle and rain did not allow to show all that organizers had an idea. However, thanks to the patient participants, a large gathering of spectators and hardworking Club “Klasika” members!

Well, now – a little bit of Antique Car Show… The vehicles were many and varied. Surely it was possible to enjoy the spectacle, to talk to one or another antique technology

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Jurijaus Grozmani knyga “Zolotaja tenj Kionigsberga”

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Neseniai pasirodė kaliningradiečio žurnalisto Jurijaus Grozmani knyga apie 2015 metų senovinės technikos renginius.  Šioje knygoje – įspūdžiai iš 2015 m. senovinių automobilių švenčių, vykusių Paryžiuje, Drezdene, Kaliningrade ir Baltijos valstybėse. Vienas skyrius paskirtas pernykščiam Senovinės technikos klubo “Klasika” renginiui “Nesenstanti Klasika 2015”. Aprašyta klubo „Klasika“ nario Klemento Sakalausko automobilio Nash 660 istorija. Paminėti klubo renginio dalyvių Gitauto Žičkaus, Stanislovo Bartkevičiaus ir Alano Hendriksono pasisakymai bei jų automobilių nuotykiai.

Autorius – Jurij Grozmani
Kalba – rusų
Puslapių skaičius – 124
Nuotraukų –  virš 400
Išleido – leidykla

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Club “Klasika” Support-Season Opening Banquet

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Every spring, the Antique vehicle Club “Klasika” hosts the historical technique season opening party. This meeting previously was only for the club members, currently, has become an international event, which unites famous collectors and fans of classical cars. This year, like last, this festival was held in the club members’ Dalius Linkevičius owned Sodeliškiai Manor.

Well, on April 16, club “Klasika” support-season opening banquet brought together many honorable guests. They were nothing more than a little – one hundred and eleven of the real friends. By the way, this evening was not only for

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The Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika”

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Nature plays the strange tricks on us. The weather is so warm, so that even makes you want to pull your oldish car out of garage and … go to look for Santa Claus. You say, long way should I go? Or maybe you think that our club “Klasika” old technique would not withstand? Joke – a joke, but the holidays are approaching. And while waiting for Santa Claus, we would like to review the traditional Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika” work done, share experiences and to wish good luck…
Let me start with the fact that most of the vintage cars promoting clubs in Lithuania identify their activities only with cars and motorcycles demonstration. Maybe it is not bad, but sometimes it can be done and a bit more subtle – through the media, visual materials, publishing, advertising and educational programs. Our club “Klasika” – still the only club in Lithuania, popularizing antique vehicles among students. Last year launched an educational

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