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The first ever long distance road trip in an auto was made by a woman!

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The first-ever, constructed in 1885 Charles Benz, the German inventor. On January, 29th, 1886 he took out the patent for the car, and on July, 3rd, 1886 on Ringshtrasse in Mannheim for the first time showed the car to general public. Benz’s car had three bicycle wheels. On the car the one-cylinder internal combustion engine by a working volume of 954 cm³ has been established. Real capacity of this car — 0,9 h.p. at 400 turns in a minute though in the patent for the invention 2/3 horse powers are specified at 250 turns. This engine had considerable weight (about 100 kg). Maximum speed is 13 kilometers per hour. The car has been patented on November 2, 1886 (patent  No. DRP 37435), passed tests for roads, and in 1887 participated in the Parisian exhibition. Since 1888 Benz’s cars have been exposed on sale, but buyers were not.

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