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The Movie – Vintage Car Show Timeless Classic 2021

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We present to your attention the movie – Vintage Car Show Timeless Classic 2021. Enjoy the movie!

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Photo Contest for the 2022 Klasika Club Calendar

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  • The goal of the activity of the Antique Automobile Club Klasika is not only to preserve historic vehicles, but also to demonstrate and promote antique vehicles. One of the ways is press publications stimulating interest in historic cars and motorcycles. Every year, the Klasika club publishes a wall calendar with images of vintage motorcycles, cars, trucks and tractors in order to please antique lovers. The planned calendar of Klasika for 2022 will be the anniversary one, the tenth annual publication of the club, to the formation of which this year we are inviting to join the owners of antique vehicles, photo models and photographers.
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Automobilis Leningrad

Leningrad – Custom Sports Car Manufactured in the Soviet Union in 1953

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On August 1st 2020, the Antique Car Show Timeless Classic 2020 in Biržai was marked by the first appearance of the legendary car Leningrad, which won the Grand Prix of the event and the award for the most beautiful car to its owner Alexander Obymacha. On  August 22nd, this car and its owner triumphed at the antique car event Riga Retro 2020 winning the title of the most beautiful car.

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Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika” Calendar 2016

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On the last 2015’s month, it was released the fourth annual club “Klasika” calendar showing the original historical vehicles with harmony and elegance of youthful beauty. A huge team, who created, prepared, took pictures, posed or otherwise contributed to the like-minded, tried a little differently peek into automotive history and antique charm. This year, at the club “Klasika” work has contributed over many or few – more than 30 people who are not indifferent to historical cars. We are pleased that this project has managed to interest a large crowd of young people, who already a little differently assess the importance and beauty of the antique technique. It is in this annual project, completing all the work and becoming like an Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika” visiting card. And what is it, you will value: speaking, sharing and voting…
By the way, soon to be announced the elections of a photo of the Club “Klasika” Calendar 2016. By voting on Club “Klasika” Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/klasika/ you can select an unbeatable calendar picture, photo model and the best photographer. Of course, the winners will be awarded…
So, thanks to all those who sponsored, supported, participated and made this project to become not only a calendar, but also the original art work!
Sincerely thanks the project leader Vytautas Gineika and photo shoot designer Vaida Delkutė!
Thanks photographers: Ilona Daubaraitė, Andrius Repšys, Aurimas Frankas, Mantas Šimkus, Vilhelmantas Sereika, Gediminas Aleksandravičius!
We are thrilled

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Classic Cars Adorn Biržai

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Article published in the magazine “Aktualijos” (Current Affairs) by the company “Inter Cars Lithuania”

So far, Biržai has been the most famous for ancient castles, manors and deep brewing traditions. But in recent years, this Highland city can rightfully be called the Lithuanian capital of classic cars. Here, every summer, an abundance of historical technical enthusiasts gather for the traditional feast of “Timeless Classic”.

Among the participants – a centenarian motorcycle.
In early August, there was held an event where Biržai streets were filled with convoy of 83 historic vehicles, which were driven by the participants not only from Lithuania, but also from Belarus, Latvia and Russia. Although, according Lithuanian law, a historical vehicle may become a car produced 30 years or more ago, “Timeless Classic 2015” organizers decided to allow participate only 40 years ago or even earlier manufactured machines.
“Not only Biržai citizens gather here, but also guests from other cities, because it is the best of historic vehicles event in Lithuania. The audience has been already pampered because every time we try to surprise. In addition, participants are offered a diverse program with excursions, dances, songs, classical music and local cuisine presentation”, said

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Studebaker Commander Regal Coupe, 1955 m.

Cars of the Club: 1955 Studebaker Commander Regal Coupe

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Cars called “Commander”, on behalf of the Studebaker factory, were first released in 1920 and produced until 1935. Later, in 1937, manufacturers again pulled this name in the light of day, renaming produced Studebaker Dictator model into Commander. That was forced by political situation and public hostility to the German dictator A.Hitler. Another time period when the Commander’s name was removed from the production was 1959 – 1963 year.
So, with short breaks, the Commander

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alaus bokalo padėkliukai

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The first ever long distance road trip in an auto was made by a woman!

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The first-ever, constructed in 1885 Charles Benz, the German inventor. On January, 29th, 1886 he took out the patent for the car, and on July, 3rd, 1886 on Ringshtrasse in Mannheim for the first time showed the car to general public. Benz’s car had three bicycle wheels. On the car the one-cylinder internal combustion engine by a working volume of 954 cm³ has been established. Real capacity of this car — 0,9 h.p. at 400 turns in a minute though in the patent for the invention 2/3 horse powers are specified at 250 turns. This engine had considerable weight (about 100 kg). Maximum speed is 13 kilometers per hour. The car has been patented on November 2, 1886 (patent  No. DRP 37435), passed tests for roads, and in 1887 participated in the Parisian exhibition. Since 1888 Benz’s cars have been exposed on sale, but buyers were not.

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From „Klasika“ history…

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When searching various antique car club websites or the Internet, I noticed that information pertaining to the very beginnings and the founding of such clubs is missing. Where and when were they founded? What circumstances determined the founding of these clubs in Lithuania? In this article, I will try to fill in the gaps and tell the story of the founding of antique car club „Klasika“ in the city of Biržai. I will tell who the godfather of the club was, and how the name of the club was selected.

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