Saying Farewell to 2014!

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Saying Farewell to 2014!

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Looking through calendar pages of the Antique Vehicles Club “Klasika” events 2014, firstly, interesting, rich with events summer appears in front of our eyes. But no. It must be said, that in 2014, old technical season started very early, even not waiting for spring. So, even when chill was still pinching, “Klasika” members gathered to the farmstead of hospitable club member Gediminas Aleksandravičius. At the meeting, there were discussed and evaluated club activities in 2013, which was generous really fun moments for club members. And the memorializing documentary movie “Antique Car show in Biržai 2013” recalled what we can enjoy it and what mistakes should be avoided. Sharing experiences, guests and members of the club waited for a surprise – the magazine “Klasika” presentation. This is a detailed 36-page publication which presents our club, its members and their technique. Nowadays, the press publishing is an expensive pleasure and so the magazine was released in a limited edition. First of all, to share it with our supporters and members of the club, and then, with the antique vehicles fans in Lithuania and Latvia. And if our magazine bypassed you, it may be looked through on our club website.

Two important decisions were accepted in this club meeting. The first – to prepare and present the club “Klasika” educational programsMoksleiviai domisi in Lithuanian schools and the second – along with other antique vehicle clubs, to establish the Union of Lithuanian Historical Technique Associations, bringing together all the antique vehicle clubs in Lithuania, to coordinate their activities, represent in the Parliament, governmental organizations and other institutions. If the first decision was later fully completed in Noriūnai J.Černius main school (Kupiškis district), the second – failed. Although, on February 22, in Kaunas, leaders of seven Lithuanian antique vehicle clubs signed a Lithuanian Historical Vehicles Association (L.I.T.A.S.) establishment documents, decided about regulations and elected the president, the union has so far not registered and is inactive. Apparently, clubs confrontation and decomposition is useful for someone. This is well illustrated by the example of our city – there are two clubs but the benefits…?
As each spring, a festival „We are driving,” which has become a tradition, also popularly known as opening of Lithuanian antique vehicle season, again was held in Pasvalys. For the sixth time, Antique Vehicles Club “Klasika” presented eleven historical cars to the attention of the audience. For two club cars – Buick Riviera, made in 1971. (owner – A. Kriauza) and Buick Riviera, 1972 (owner – G. Aleksandravičius), it was the first exhibition, the first appearance of Lithuania.

Parodoje miesto centre rikiavosi įspūdingi automobiliaiWell, then, on 2 August, followed by a major club event – Antique Car Show „Timeless “Klasika 2014”, which took place on Biržai town festival. Already probably no one doubts that, this year, this club event was the best in Lithuania. Both excellent and rare car you can see unless in Latvia, “Riga Retro” events. It’s hard to have something new to say about this exhibition. This kind of traditional event, gathering people at least as far interested in antique vehicles of people, where they can hear the news of restoration techniques, see the oldest and most interesting historical exhibits and finally spend a good time friends and like-minded. Already since 2008, along with the town celebrations, club “Klasika” held an antique vehicles exhibition enlivens Biržai cultural life, attracting new sponsors, inviting guests and tourists, and gradually becoming a major part of the town festivals. It’s a shame that Biržai town leaders sometimes does not understand it…

This year’s exhibition visitors were able to see 63 of the remarkable historical vehicles. The event was attended by twenty-two cars from Latvia, one from Belarus and forty historical vehicles from Lithuania. Eighteen participating in this year’s exhibition of vintage cars were produced in the interwar period.

Sometime later, on 16 August, a prestigious historic car exhibition “Riga Retro 2014” brought together 124-is vintage cars. It was held for the ninth time. In this exhibition, Lithuania was represented by cars and their owners from the Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika” and the Classical Car Club. I am glad that our club receives a titular invitation from Latvian colleagues the third year in a row and properly represents not only our district, but also the country.

By this time, “Klasika” members’ activities included everything that is related to the history of motoring and vintage car events. It can be said that motorcycles were undeservedly forgotten. Douglas EW 350Quite suddenly, a group of club members had an idea to spice up the “Klasika” activities and take part in a retro motorcycle festival “Bike X Dream”, „which also took place here in Biržai. It was very unfortunate that this event coincided with the car show held in Latvia “Riga Retro 2014”, so I had to split the forces and show only a small motorcycle club members part of the collection. Therefore, the audience sympathy and winning the main prize of the event by motorcycle Douglas EW 350, made in 1927, (owner – D. Linkevičius) proved that participation was not in vain and that the “Klasika” gunpowder – still does not get wet!

At the year-end, club “Klasika” released the third annual calendar. And not any, but a large and beautiful wall calendar with excellent club cars and assisting girls’ photographs. Sincere gratitude to our photographers and their beautiful assistants! In the calendar, you can see the photographers Dovaldė Butėnaitė, Reda Jokymaitytė, Dainius Nagelė and Gediminas Aleksandravičius photos and evaluate Eivilė Linkevičiūtė, Reda Marinskaitė, Giedrė Vaičytė, Emilija Sakalauskaitė, Eglė Linkevičiūtė, Ieva Garnelytė, Gerda Golubovskytė, Ernesta Melnikaitė, Evelina Nagelienė, Ieva Tupalskytė, Erika Danisevičiūtė Ernesta ir 1972 Buick Rivierasmiles and beauty. In order to honour our cool photographers and to attract artists who would participate in creating the calendar year 2016, the club “Klasika” members set up a Christmas prize and announced the elections of the most beautiful car photo and the Club Car of the year. So, Dainius Nagelė “Klasika” calendar photo collected the biggest number of the votes on club’s Facebook account and won 500 LT cash incentive. And in this photo is taken Gediminas Aleksandravičius car Buick Riviera, announced the club “Klasika” car of the year!

So, this is briefly about 2014 club achievements. Next year’s “Klasika” plans – to continue the started work, events and traditions and never to forget the classical values: the word respect, punctuality and honour! Well, am I to invite all of you already in the year 2015 Club “Klasika” events and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Egidijus Einoris
President of Antique Vehicle Club „Klasika”