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Klubo Klasika kalendoriui

Photo Contest for the 2024 Klasika Club Calendar

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  • The goal of the activity of the Antique Automobile Club Klasika is not only to preserve historic vehicles, but also to demonstrate and promote antique vehicles. One of the ways is press publications stimulating interest in historic cars and motorcycles. Every year, the Klasika club publishes a wall calendar with images of vintage motorcycles, cars, trucks and tractors in order to please antique lovers. The planned calendar of Klasika for 2024 will be the twelfth annual publication of the club, to the formation of which this year we are inviting to join the owners of antique vehicles, photo models and photographers.
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Antique & Classic Car Festival „Timeless Classic 2021”

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Despite the fact that vehicles are produced of metal, plastic, glass, rubber and similar materials that are traditionally considered extremely time-resistant, there are no „immortal” cars. Corrosion can completely eat up even a millimeter of steel a year, so seeing a car that may be called an old man or even an ancient one is always a small surprise.

At the antique car exhibition „Timeless Classic 2021” held in Biržai last weekend, one could see more than a hundred of such “WOW” vehicles. The improvised exposition of historical vehicles set up on the around Biržai Aeroclub had at least two classic trumps knocking down museums.

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A. Zamockis

Alfreds Zamockis and his sports motorcycle collection

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Although this summer is rich in antique technique events, serious and worthy attention is not so much. Besides the traditional meetings in Pasvalys, Biržai, Riga and Jurmala, there has been a rare event which attracts the attention of genuine retro technique collectors and experts. One of them is the opening of the antique moto technique exposition in Latvia, on June 9th. Perhaps this event would not be so special, if not Alfreds Zamockis, the owner of this collection, who could well be called the symbol of the antique Latvian moto technique because of his activity and eccentricity.

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