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Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika” Calendar 2016

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On the last 2015’s month, it was released the fourth annual club “Klasika” calendar showing the original historical vehicles with harmony and elegance of youthful beauty. A huge team, who created, prepared, took pictures, posed or otherwise contributed to the like-minded, tried a little differently peek into automotive history and antique charm. This year, at the club “Klasika” work has contributed over many or few – more than 30 people who are not indifferent to historical cars. We are pleased that this project has managed to interest a large crowd of young people, who already a little differently assess the importance and beauty of the antique technique. It is in this annual project, completing all the work and becoming like an Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika” visiting card. And what is it, you will value: speaking, sharing and voting…
By the way, soon to be announced the elections of a photo of the Club “Klasika” Calendar 2016. By voting on Club “Klasika” Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/klasika/ you can select an unbeatable calendar picture, photo model and the best photographer. Of course, the winners will be awarded…
So, thanks to all those who sponsored, supported, participated and made this project to become not only a calendar, but also the original art work!
Sincerely thanks the project leader Vytautas Gineika and photo shoot designer Vaida Delkutė!
Thanks photographers: Ilona Daubaraitė, Andrius Repšys, Aurimas Frankas, Mantas Šimkus, Vilhelmantas Sereika, Gediminas Aleksandravičius!
We are thrilled

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Working lady

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The Magazine „Klasika“

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This summer has never been so numerous with antique vehicles shows and events. And in the midst of the season appeared Antique Vehicle Club “Klasika” magazine was not the biggest news. Maybe just a little later, in the dust of summer impressions, after a little break, having this colourful magazine in the hand, the question arose – what is it?
This question, we hope, will be answered by the initiator and editor of the magazine whose word is printed at the beginning of the edition. We regret that we cannot physically give, or otherwise share with everyone this magazine. Nowadays, the press publishing – an expensive pleasure, so this magazine was published in a small edition.

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Studebaker Commander Regal Coupe, 1955 m.

Cars of the Club: 1955 Studebaker Commander Regal Coupe

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Cars called “Commander”, on behalf of the Studebaker factory, were first released in 1920 and produced until 1935. Later, in 1937, manufacturers again pulled this name in the light of day, renaming produced Studebaker Dictator model into Commander. That was forced by political situation and public hostility to the German dictator A.Hitler. Another time period when the Commander’s name was removed from the production was 1959 – 1963 year.
So, with short breaks, the Commander

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VAZ 2103

Cars of the Club: 1973 Lada 1500

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Antique Vehicles Club “Klasika” launches the presentation of club member’s cars. We suggest to recall for seniors and to discover for the younger fans of our club Vaz 2103, the masterpiece of the Soviet automobile industry, produced in 1973. This car is a united Italian Fiat and the Volga car factory (Volzhskii Avtomobilnij Zavod) production, for the prototype of which served Fiat 124 model.
Vaz 2103 had been produced since 1972 to 1984 and during this period it was made 1,304,899 units totally. For a long time this model had been seen as the best, most convenient and most reliable Soviet car. Beyond the bounds of the Soviet Union, this car was known as the Lada 1500.

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From „Klasika“ history…

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When searching various antique car club websites or the Internet, I noticed that information pertaining to the very beginnings and the founding of such clubs is missing. Where and when were they founded? What circumstances determined the founding of these clubs in Lithuania? In this article, I will try to fill in the gaps and tell the story of the founding of antique car club „Klasika“ in the city of Biržai. I will tell who the godfather of the club was, and how the name of the club was selected.

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